Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Oprah Winfrey and James Frey

every year for the last three i've done a series of caricature illustrations for the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

they're their "Top Turkey" awards. they award them to the noteworthy boneheads of the year.

i just got this year's batch, and while i can't post them before they publish, i'm going to spend the next two weeks posting some of my caricature work-- something most folks haven't seen. then i'll post a few from this year's "Turkey" batch.

to begin.

james frey was a big faker, apparently.

he was honored in 2006.

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Friday, November 9, 2007

Deep Sea Bear in Deep


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yep. it's a bear in a deep sea diver's suit.

'cept, he has no helmet.

it's why bears don't deep sea dive.

they always forget their helmets.



a recent show i put together had me trying to find a theme.

i landed on

scenes from late twentieth century childhood.

the idea was to depict the world before the Playstation and the X-box.

i did several sketches. in the end i decided i'd do something with it another time.

here's a sketch from the series.

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we had some serious plumbing problems back in the day.


i like to draw gigantic truck things. i discovered this when i did this front of a bus for a drawing i did a long time ago.

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unfortunately, these trucks are generally buried somewhere in a composition and you can't see them.

here's an RV from a recent project.

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here's the RV in the composition.

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note: i really pushed the colors because the newspaper tends to water things down.

later i realized i missed all the junk--air conditioner, etc--that's supposed to be on top of an RV.

i promise a drawing of a firetruck in the near future.

Saturday, November 3, 2007