Monday, January 31, 2011

Editorial Work : Brain Booster

graphite & digital
graphite & digital

What's the best way to get your brain powered up in 2011? Not a fancy head contraption, apparently. (Guess that's money I'm not getting back.) Boost your brain with these 10 steps. This is a notable illo. First time to draw skinny jeans.

(No. That's not Sarah Palin throwing stuff into that guy's head.)

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Works In Progress

blue col-erase

Not a stopping point, but definitely moving toward the finish.
Proportions are a bit off, and ALL THAT HAIR.
Finding the visual narrative of the project is as important
as the words for establishing tone.
I have wrestled with design of elements, and find at the end of the day I am best following my initial instincts.
Sometimes to find the path you must wander off it.*

*That sounds like something someone wise would say, no?