Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Paul Bunyan : Finish

It's Paul Bunyan Day! So here's Paul and his ever present faithful ox, Babe! (Click image to see bigger.)

graphite & digital

According to the Paul Bunyan Wikipedia page,Mr. Bunyan's origins are a bit convoluted. It is generally agreed that "10,000 Lakes of Minnesota were formed from the footprints of Paul and Babe while they wandered blindly in a deep blizzard." Over in Wisconsin, they say Rib Mountain is his final resting place. This was pointed out to me by a friend from Wisco who is always quick to point out things to me relating to Wisco.

Paul Bunyan : Line and Color

It's Paul Bunyan Day!

I love folklore and Paul is definitely my boy.

Here's line art. Finish coming later day.

graphite & non photo blue

... and here's the finish! (Actually scanned, not an iPhone photo.)

graphite & digital

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Making Wookie, or, Chewiepalooza

I dig Chewbacca, but I'd never drawn him. Today I decided I would.

graphite & digital
The finished Chewbacca.

But I started with this earlier in the day, a quick warm-up sketch--with worse rendition of his crossbow evs. "I believe I will revisit this subject," I said.

red pencil
And later, on the way to final, without reference. (Just playing with how the pieces go together.)

graphite & non-photo blue

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Production Tools

my tools.

My color is digital, but my line is analog, hand drawn graphite.

Pencils: .3, .5 & .7. Butter soft B lead. Non-repro blue. Erasers. (I dig the electric eraser for detailed erasing.)

Why mechanical pencils? They let me draw on the fly. No sharpening. Can turn the pencil for varying line weights.  The Pentel Kerry (< link to Amazon), best I've encountered.

Here's a sample of what my drawing looks like when it is scanned. In Photoshop I make the art black and white and then use levels to get rid of any artifacts of the blue. These are the scientists from Jacob Wonderbar and the Space Kapow. (Dial Books, May 2011).

graphite & non-photo blue