Tuesday, November 29, 2011

High-to-the fivizzle!

Woot! Hello, Texas!, the board book I wrote, and the uber-talented David Walker drew, got picked up by Scholastic Book Fairs! Click for info on the book. Click to get you one.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Top Turkeys of 2011

Not every year, but several, I have illustrated the Fort Worth Star Telegram's Top Turkey Awards feature. It's published on Thanksgiving day and lists the biggest numbskulls of the year. I was fortunate to get to draw it again this time around. Below are the three illo's I contributed. I don't do a ton of caricature, but I enjoy it, though I don't consider what I do caricature, more of cartoon likenesses ... which Webster's defines as caricature. Enjoy! 

 (As always, click the images if'n ya wants to see 'em bigger.)

In case you didn't know, the heat was kind of a huge jerk in Texas this year.

 Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries earned a spot.
This guy was actually one last year, but only for getting messed up and trashing a hotel room ... or something like that. Sheen earned higher points for winning this year.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Con Sketchin : The Beast (fan art)

This last weekend I had a table at Austin Comic Con (Wizard World.) Sitting in one spot over three days, things happen. The following posts are a brief visual journal of my time.

Surrounded by comic book characters, it was time to try my hand at one I'd never drawn. (I haven't drawn many.)

The BEAST!!!!!

[Click image to see larger.]

Con Sketchin : New Sketchbook : First Drawings

I'd filled up my sketchbook. As I opened the brand new sketchbook the binding cracked. I pulled out my pen. Paused for a moment. Then I ruined the sketchbook. (If it seems like there's lots of unused space, it's because super secret Notes To Self were removed.)

[Click image to see larger.]

Con Sketchin : Smokey Bear

The Smokey Bear PSA's were an important and nostalgic part of my childhood. After finding a sweet vinyl Smokey (AT THE CON!), it was time to try my hand. Don't think for a second I am done with this project. (Sketches posted in chronological order.)

[Click image to see larger.]

Con Sketchin : Passersby

This last weekend I had a table at Austin Comic Con (Wizard World.) It was a wonderful time. I met some really great people. I saw 45 Robin costumes. Once and while someone would pass my table and I would need to sketch them because they were awesome.

[Click on the images to see them larger.]

 He'd painted his own helmet. Had a shield. And then a blazer and jeans. 
(Hello, Avengers movie. New costume idea.)

There were two steampunk groups who had tables, so there was 
a lot of steampunk. The costumes were really well done. 
Turns out my favorite genre is steampunk cowboy.

 He looked too bummed to be wearing such a great hat.

This guy's mustache was dope. I told him so. 
He seemed unsure what to do with my compliment.

A small representation of the steampunk ladies.

This guy didn't walk by my table, but was most likely 
inspired by the glut of goggles that did.