Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Health Illustrations

I did these for Current Health 1 magazine, one of Weekly Reader's titles. It was for an article on taste buds. In a last minute mix-up, I didn't know which rough I was supposed to complete. So, I finished them both out. The second one was in the magazine. The one on top is a CS Jennings Draw Blog semi-exclusive.

Run, Bottles! Run!

Illustration for last week's Austin Chronicle.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


If you were my niece named McKenzie, this was your Christmas present this year. It is her two dogs, Otto and Maddie, done in what I am calling my "Italian Vaudeville" style. According to the free translation website I used, this means "The Dogs of Comedy." Originally titled, "The baby thinks the dogs are funny," that was waaaay too long in Italian. || Click image for larger

From my sketchbook. Little girl in a spacesuit with an umbrella. I like the idea that she lives way in the future, but cherishes this beat up old umbrella, which is essentially useless to a little girl all snug in her cozy spacesuit. I also like that her tiny hands are in giant clunky gloves.* (I love drawing with this red pencil.) || Click image for larger

* She's got some proportion problems that are driving me nuts. But that's why she's a "sketch."