Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Robot Doodlin'


just sitting around with my homies chewin' the fat and doodlin' some robots.

Larger : Click Image

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Halloween Art

so, it's Friday.

were you doubting me and my dedication to weekly publishing?

i am in two Halloween shows and here's the stuff.

Mr. Bones Plays the Blues, Larger : Click Image

pretty self explanatory. it's also a shout out to Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked this Way Comes which I read a month or so ago. it's one of my favorite books now. Bradbury's prose is stellar.


a few weeks ago i posted how i had this idea i was really excited about.

well, this was the idea:

Scooter Ghoul, Larger : Click Image

when i was a kid my mom gave me subscriptions to several kid's magazines, Ranger Rick and 3-2-1 Contact among them. one of the mags had this cool space diorama where you punched out all the characters and the ships and there was a background too. i thought it was the most awesome thing ever.

sitting one night, the diorama just popped into my head and i decided i wanted to try this sort of thing.

six layers of illustrated goodness. bought the shadow box on sale. had a great time. will do more. (Mr. Bones started out as one, but then i ended up liking him flat.)

note: if you would like to see these pieces in real life, and find yourself on south lamar, between now and November 30, visit: Lowbrow Emporium, 2708 S Lamar Blvd, 78704

Friday, October 12, 2007

angry puppets!

CLIENT : Marriage Today
PROJECT : Editorial Illustration : Full Spread

a good friend of mine is a graphic designer. he throws me projects whenever he can. he designs a christian magazine about marriage. this is the third illo i've done for them, and my favorite one so far. the idea here--room is made for the devil in relationships when we say bad things to each other. i'm on a circus/carnival kick right now. it happened to fit the theme of this one.

the thumbnails: composition and concept development : not for the client

i didn't have a grasp on the concept yet, so i drew this marionette. he's a drunkie. the worst kind of puppet.

the concept using ventriloquist dummies. the client really wanted "angry eyes," not a cartoony devil to convey the devil concept. the addition of a pitchforked tail might have worked, but they said no tail (again, too cartoony). it might have been too hard a read anyway.

the first sketch using the stage concept.

the stage with the addtion of children. not enough emphasis on the stage. also, no room for the article title and text for the aticle.

media note: i've started doing my sketches with a Uni-ball Signo, 207. it's fast, doesn't smear, and has a nice dark line. i'm left-handed and get The Smear with a pencil and no smudge sheet.

the finish:


the puppet stage had the added element of the "audience." fighting parents often have spectators, their children.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

drawings, what?

yeah, yeah. i KNOW this is a drawing blog and i haven't posted in months.

it changes NOW. there will be at least once a week postings.

to start off, here's one of the latest things i've done.

CLIENT : The Fort Worth Star Telegram
PROJECT : Go! Cover, their weekend speciality magazine

the Star Telegram has been a client of mine for a long time now. for four years i did a weekly sports editorial cartoon for them, now they call me for specials. this link will take you to my Sports Editorial site where you can see some of the work done during that time.

the rough:

this is a looser rough than i would normally send a client. we've been working together for a long time, so i figured it was ok. the client said to be sure there was some racial and gender diversity. also, she wanted to be sure Fort Worth landmarks were recognizable.

the finish:


the rocker chick is probably one of my favorite things i've drawn in a while.

more csjennings art than you can shake a stick at

here's the october cs jennings art schedule, i have pieces in two shows:

Saturday Oct 13th Austin Sketch Squad presents:
The Lowbrow Monster Mash Art Extravaganza!

7:00pm-11:00pm Live Art show with local artists (the drawing type not musicians.)
Live music by DJ Zonabi
and Sponsership by Lonestar
(which means free beer, for those who like that sorta thing.)

The Exhibit will run Oct 13th-Nov 30th so if you can't come check it out.

Lowbrow Emporium
2708 S. Lamar
Austin, TX 78704

THE SQUAD'S WEBSITE: (which took a break through the summer but will start back up soon)

remember cool art + good music + free beer= fun times

Dr. Janx's Second Annual Spooky Art Show
Amy's Ice Cream on Sixth Street

- me (of course)
- Jason Chalker
- Dylan Edwards
- A. Litsa
- Kevin Peake
- Thomas P. Reidy III
- Aaron "Ren" Sacco
- J. Michael Stovall
- Alicia Traveria
- Michael Veroni

OPENING: October 28, more details to come