Wednesday, August 20, 2008

series 2, back to school assignment

here's what ran yesterday in the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

i posted the roughs--the pre-drawings i send the client--with the final illustrations. (i continue my love affair with the red pencils which i started using for my roughs (versus blue-line underdrawing and graphite on top). i make it black in the computer when i send it to the client.)

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success series : sleepy time

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you can see the addition of "story" in the background of the finished illustration. when creating an illustration, i try to think about who the character is.

success series : the rare CS Jennings still life

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(that's my pencil i use to draw with.)

success series : talk to teacher

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sometimes people i know slip into my drawings. in this case, it's my niece--Caitlin--in ten years.

Monday, August 18, 2008


one of the nice things about doing newspaper work is i'm not working months out so i can share the illustrations with you pretty much as soon as i am done with them.

here's a set for the Fort Worth Star Telegram. i am illustrating a series on school related topics that will run in the Living section every day this week.

this article ran today and is about helping your pre-schooler go to school. Read it here.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

hair. it is.

the article is for a kids' magazine.

it's about the nose hair and what it does. factual, yet with a bit of a humorous twist.

it references "your grandfather's nose hairs" in the text.

this rough, apparently, is a little too much for the editors.

"could we do something without nose hairs?"

just how, pray tell, does one illustrate an article about nose hairs without showing said nose hairs?

nose hairs.

my life. such it is.