Wednesday, August 20, 2008

series 2, back to school assignment

here's what ran yesterday in the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

i posted the roughs--the pre-drawings i send the client--with the final illustrations. (i continue my love affair with the red pencils which i started using for my roughs (versus blue-line underdrawing and graphite on top). i make it black in the computer when i send it to the client.)

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success series : sleepy time

Larger? Click image.

you can see the addition of "story" in the background of the finished illustration. when creating an illustration, i try to think about who the character is.

success series : the rare CS Jennings still life

Larger? Click image.

(that's my pencil i use to draw with.)

success series : talk to teacher

Larger? Click image.

sometimes people i know slip into my drawings. in this case, it's my niece--Caitlin--in ten years.

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