Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Importance of Being

Though incredibly well stocked, Austin Books and Comics didn't have what I was looking for--a couple of obscure indie and French comics. The clerk tried hard to find them, however, leading me through several hunts in the store. As we quested through the shelves, he provided a running commentary of the books I was looking for--where they might be, when they had had them, and why they didn't now. "This," I thought, rushing to keep up with him, "Is something Amazon will never provide and why brick and mortar stores are so important (especially local ones). It can't compare to a flesh and blood search engine, passionate about his craft." Humans rule.

Photo source. Excellent review of the store, too.

Epilogue: And while we did not find what I was looking for--again, obscure--he did show me a great book I took home with me.