Wednesday, January 27, 2010

She's Got Obama Arms

Another Star Telegram piece. (Becoming a quasi-regular in their health section, with another one assigned this week.)

The article was fun, about an editor who decided to develop muscular Michelle Obama arms. It's a piece of advice I should follow myself.

Holiday Eating

The Fort Worth Star Telegram and I go way back. I was their sports editorial cartoonist for almost five years. (One of two newspaper weekly sports editorial cartoonists in the country, thank you very much.) Now they send me gigs from time to time. Here's one from November, right before the holidays. Sadly, with my eating this holiday, I was the guy in the gravy.

Cat in a Bow Tie

This doodle reminded me that cats wearing bow ties has been a consistent theme throughout my drawing history.

It would, I know, be more impressive if I were to have pictures I drew of cats wearing bow ties since I was a kid.

All I have for you today, however, is this doodle drawn while talking to a client on the phone.