Friday, October 12, 2007

angry puppets!

CLIENT : Marriage Today
PROJECT : Editorial Illustration : Full Spread

a good friend of mine is a graphic designer. he throws me projects whenever he can. he designs a christian magazine about marriage. this is the third illo i've done for them, and my favorite one so far. the idea here--room is made for the devil in relationships when we say bad things to each other. i'm on a circus/carnival kick right now. it happened to fit the theme of this one.

the thumbnails: composition and concept development : not for the client

i didn't have a grasp on the concept yet, so i drew this marionette. he's a drunkie. the worst kind of puppet.

the concept using ventriloquist dummies. the client really wanted "angry eyes," not a cartoony devil to convey the devil concept. the addition of a pitchforked tail might have worked, but they said no tail (again, too cartoony). it might have been too hard a read anyway.

the first sketch using the stage concept.

the stage with the addtion of children. not enough emphasis on the stage. also, no room for the article title and text for the aticle.

media note: i've started doing my sketches with a Uni-ball Signo, 207. it's fast, doesn't smear, and has a nice dark line. i'm left-handed and get The Smear with a pencil and no smudge sheet.

the finish:


the puppet stage had the added element of the "audience." fighting parents often have spectators, their children.

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Sydney said...

the worst kind of puppet.

heh. I love that!

this was very cool! I love seeing your process. and the final drawing looks great!