Tuesday, January 6, 2009


If you were my niece named McKenzie, this was your Christmas present this year. It is her two dogs, Otto and Maddie, done in what I am calling my "Italian Vaudeville" style. According to the free translation website I used, this means "The Dogs of Comedy." Originally titled, "The baby thinks the dogs are funny," that was waaaay too long in Italian. || Click image for larger

From my sketchbook. Little girl in a spacesuit with an umbrella. I like the idea that she lives way in the future, but cherishes this beat up old umbrella, which is essentially useless to a little girl all snug in her cozy spacesuit. I also like that her tiny hands are in giant clunky gloves.* (I love drawing with this red pencil.) || Click image for larger

* She's got some proportion problems that are driving me nuts. But that's why she's a "sketch."


Gabe Ferreira said...

your art is amazing. i just thought i should let you know its really inspiring to watch your work


Great work Topher! I find that family likes me to give them art more than anything could buy. Are you going to be at Staple! this year?