Thursday, November 17, 2011

Con Sketchin : Passersby

This last weekend I had a table at Austin Comic Con (Wizard World.) It was a wonderful time. I met some really great people. I saw 45 Robin costumes. Once and while someone would pass my table and I would need to sketch them because they were awesome.

[Click on the images to see them larger.]

 He'd painted his own helmet. Had a shield. And then a blazer and jeans. 
(Hello, Avengers movie. New costume idea.)

There were two steampunk groups who had tables, so there was 
a lot of steampunk. The costumes were really well done. 
Turns out my favorite genre is steampunk cowboy.

 He looked too bummed to be wearing such a great hat.

This guy's mustache was dope. I told him so. 
He seemed unsure what to do with my compliment.

A small representation of the steampunk ladies.

This guy didn't walk by my table, but was most likely 
inspired by the glut of goggles that did.

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