Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Production Tools

my tools.

My color is digital, but my line is analog, hand drawn graphite.

Pencils: .3, .5 & .7. Butter soft B lead. Non-repro blue. Erasers. (I dig the electric eraser for detailed erasing.)

Why mechanical pencils? They let me draw on the fly. No sharpening. Can turn the pencil for varying line weights.  The Pentel Kerry (< link to Amazon), best I've encountered.

Here's a sample of what my drawing looks like when it is scanned. In Photoshop I make the art black and white and then use levels to get rid of any artifacts of the blue. These are the scientists from Jacob Wonderbar and the Space Kapow. (Dial Books, May 2011).

graphite & non-photo blue

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