Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tally-ho! The Draw Blog

I have been promising to create a place on the web to show my drawings and junk for a long time.

Wait no longer lads and lasses, that time has now come.

What sort of things can I expect to see on this blog? you ask.

Well, my drawings for one.

It will be a place I post stuff about my art. For instance, when my book comes out (SPRING, 2008!), that will be on this blog. Or a show I am having. Here too.

Also, I'm going to tell you about things I think are cool.

...there are some illustrators I've been wanting to share.

...there are some sites you should see.

...there's a book you should look into.

All, though, about, and pertaining, to pictures. Moving and non-moving.

So here's the first drawing.

Literally. It's oldest one I have of my stuff.

(Yes. It's real. I was early single digits, I am told, when it was drawn.)

**A shout out to my buddy Paul for helping me set up the whole hosting thing.


Sydney said...

First, yay! Draw blog! Woo! I. Am. Stoked!

Second, awwwww. I love this. And you even had skills in the early single digits. Look at you!

Paul Adam said...

No prob, bro!