Friday, April 25, 2008

plush-gush no. 2

ladies and gentlemen i present to you the work of illustrator/designer/artist/crafty chic Robyn Fabsits.

her work is illustration in plush, which--for obvious reasons--i find completely fascinating.

in a recent interview someone asked me what inspired me. the answer? this sort of stuff.

at some point in time i need to post some more of my work. everything i am doing is either under a non-disclosure agreement, or is something i am working on under the radar. (i submitted two proposals for the new book to Sterling and in the last week have come up with two more i want to send them.)

i will make an effort to post some new work soon.

plush-gush no. 1 : Jhoanna Monte Aranez, aka: One Red Robin.

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That really is very cool...and yes I wish I could see what you are working on.