Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Town Musicians of Bremen : Development

Here's some quick development sketches for a print I've been thinking about doing for a while now.

I love the tale of the Town Musicians of Bremen. I have ever since I was a kid.

These sketches are 5 minute knockouts, to get the brain working.

But I haven't read it in a while, here's a few things I want to know before I move on.

1) Where did this go down? Can I take cues from the folk art of that land?

2) Who are these characters and what gender is each animal? (I don't remember. Obviously the rooster is a dude.)

....that's kind of it at this moment.


Cat with background, chopped. (This is what happens when you begin your sketch at the bottom of your sketchbook page.)

"In no way right cat." The cat needs to be streamlined, thin. This guy, well. He's too big and angry. (Sometimes you have to draw out the angry cat before you can move on... meaning, you got to start at wrong to find what's right.)


Another thing that will determine the characters is the balance of characters as a whole.

The shape will come with the integration of all four animals. Donkey. Dog. Cat. Rooster.

How do they fit together?

How much of their personality is related in the original story?

They end up standing on top of each other. What if one was too fat to be on top? (Comedic tension!)

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