Sunday, July 31, 2011

Medieval Adventurer Koala, Full String

You may have seen below, I was drawing some pugs, and there was a koala, who ended up being a medieval adventurer koala. I did a couple of drawings that night. (If you want to see any of the images larger, just click on them.)

The first koala. 

 The second koala is all action packy. The next day I started thinking about what he was wearing, the sword he was carrying, that sort of stuff. So, after pulling some reference, and talking to a friend who specializes in drawing fantasy stuff, I did some sketches.

 Having those things nailed down, I sat in a coffee shop sketching with a friend and did a composition with the koala. Later, I colored it. (That's an eucalyptus plant on his cloak there.)

 The drawing, really, is a rough. It's a character shot, nailing down what his outfit looked like, etc. The environment color was proof of concept. It's not the final composition with the character.

 Here is a rough that puts our fellow in peril. It adds some architectural details to the background. However, I am happy at the point I have reached with the character and so will stop here for the time being, so this drawing is going to wait. (And I want to do a finish on that owl and its bicycle.)

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