Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Alamo & Sadie

She wanted a present. What she wanted was his dog and his cat. A drawing of them. A drawing by me.
"And I'll pay you," she said.
"No. You're my friend, he's my friend," I said, "I can't take money from you."
I did the drawing. She wrote a check, shoved it in my hand.
"No," I said again.
"Then WHAT?" she said, "This can't be free."
An idea formed in my head, right there. An idea and I loved it.
"My gift for yours."
"I will trade you my gift, my ability, drawing ... for your gift, your ability."
She smiled. I smiled too. Here's what I knew. She is a fantastic cook.
So she cooked for me (and him, of course). And we ate. And it was wonderful.
Then they married. They had a son. In his room, the drawing.

Sadie with her faithful steed Alamo.

Alamo (Beagle & blue heeler mix. Great dog.)

Alamo says goodbye.

Sadie (without the vest & bandana)

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Sydney said...

You warmed my heart and delighted my aesthetic sensibilities in one fell swoop! You, sir, have mad skillz! :D