Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dog Auto Drawing : Process

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I have been working on my gouache technique. 
The line is good-old Prismacolor. 
(Yup. Paint is digital.)

Final result. (Though I may circle back and put some Beats on the sister to inform her character.)

Here's a detail of the texture.

This is the original sketch of the composition.

Here's a development sketch I did. Playing with the shapes a bit. I love these squat animation style cars. However, I chose a real car--a Datsun 1200--as my inspiration. (Adding further information to the characters and drawing outside of "expected" paradigms.)

For portfolio sake, I wanted to get some buildings and background in. However, the focus of the moment is the family and the dog. This composition weakened the impact. (The "buildings" are just shapes for compositional purposes, nowhere near finished.)

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