Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Top Turkeys of 2007

for the last three years i have illustrated the Fort Worth Star Telegram's Top Turkeys feature.

it's pretty much what it sounds like. they feature the boneheads of the year previous.

on average it's 9-11 illustrations, most of them caricatures, and with a short time, a couple of days to turn them around.

here's a few of 2007's Top Turkeys.

Britney Spears

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she was the Top Turkey of the year, taking the grand prize.

Michael Vick

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Larry Craig

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you remember this guy. the senator who got busted in the bathroom for solicitation.

Fifty Cent

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Fitty was pretty sore when Kanye beat his record sales. didn't quit like he said he was gonna.

Miss Lohan

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...and while this mostly looks like Lindsey, this illo illustrates the perils of caricature. sometimes it's nailed in the rough comp stage, but loses something in color.


Kennon said...

These are great as usual but where's Imus?

da janx said...

Good eye! Imus is on my webpage which launch in a week or so. Gotta save something for folks to look at.