Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Youth Tube


here's a recently completed editorial illustration.

apparently there are "kid friendly" video websites where kids create all the content.*

in the roughs stage i provided them with an option for the kid diving out of the computer.

this is another one of those illo on the fringes of my "normal" style. (like the steampunk helicopter.)

*i loathe the death of the CRT. flat panel monitors aren't as fun to draw and because of their thinness don't offer as much interactivity opportunities.

also, i've just completed illustrations for my first international client (i have one in Canada, but, you know, that's still in the Americas), and my first card game.

Haim Shafir is an Israeli game designer. he's been at it for a while and has notoriety in Europe, in his home country, and among the boardgame community.

he loves what he's doing. that's the best kind of client. it made him a pleasure to work with.

(like most of what i am working on, this one's under an NDA, so i can't show you my work just yet. though you might run into him if you're at this month's Toy Fair in NYC. here's his website. here's an interview with him.)

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