Monday, April 15, 2013

Drawin Me Some Prezdents

The Rough (submitted to the client)

Lincoln : Pencil Line and Final Color Comparison

This was for an assignment, a quiz on President's Day. (As you can see, I decided I nailed George in the rough.) I don't draw historical types a lot, but I enjoyed it so much, I may start doing so for recreation.

"Yo, C.S., it's Friday night! Let's party, son!*"
"Nah, man. Got's ta be drawin some prezdents!"

* Because this is the sort of call/text I often get.

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Becoming the mitrata said...

Excellent work. Really such a cool illustration, Much respect for drawin some prezdents on Friday night. I live in the U.K and it would not be as cool to say 'I'm drawing some Prime Ministers', probably because us culture celebrates past leaders (as evidenced by this awesome illustration) and England kind of Denegrates past leaders like some kind of bloodsport, that said Churchill gets a lot of respex.

Excellent illustration inspired me.