Monday, April 15, 2013

Gone Numbskullin'

My website ( update has been underway for a few months now. It will incorporate not only my drawing blog, but also a kid's lit industry blog where I mostly answer the questions I am asked all the time. Since these blogs are going to be hosted on the new site, I decided to stop posting here ... which essentially meant I have not been posting anywhere but Twitter (@dajanx). That was a bone-headed decision.

The new site is still under construction--time to wrap it up--so I am going to be posting here (and my Twitter, and Tumblr--see side bar for links) regularly until then, and maybe afterwards too.

To get things started again, here's a sketch I did this weekend at the Houston SCBWI conference as I was taking notes. (My sketch is not a commentary on the event. The conference was outstanding. Artists, we doodle.)

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