Friday, November 21, 2014

Drawing Floomf

As you may have noticed my work is about shapes and angles. I love pairing circles and squares in just the right way.

So when I decided to draw a Pomeranian, the challenge was quickly revealed. How do I draw floomf?

Two days of sketching, friends, and lots of pieces of paper. Full pencils worn to nubs. Drawing dogs is my wheelhouse, but each breed has that something which makes them who they are. The Pom's characteristics took me a while to sort out. (I drew lots of Shitzus and Yorkies before figuring it out.)

So, here it is. CS Jennings draws a Pomeranian.

(Art note. The line art is Prismacolor on paper. I colored the composition using Kyle Webster's Photoshop brushes.)

Original drawing : Non-photo blue and graphite

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