Monday, August 27, 2007

aaaah, SNAP!

one of the readers of the blog pointed out the fact that in the illo of the hand holding the trumpet down there, i've left out the palm of the hand. should be some blue there.

the hand and trumpet are from the first time i "nailed" the look of that character. therefore, i've had at least a couple of years to notice i'd missed his hand. i saw it once i pulled the hand out for the "finito" illo. it was too late, though. the disk had been sent to the publisher. i know there's some illustration types who drop by here, so you probably noticed it too.

this illustration is on the cover of the book. fortunately he's on a yellow background, so it will look like part of the trumpet. i've discovered--since sending out the disks--a couple of other snafus, on the cover and case themselves. i was assured, by some other artist friends of mine, no one else would ever see them... certainly not a four year old.

it'll be a game when the book comes out: "Christopher S. Jennings* is a bonehead."

*it will be published under "Christopher S. Jennings." I'm still going to work under C.S. Jennings and i will sign stuff that way.

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