Friday, August 10, 2007


walking up the stairs to kyoto's thursday night sushi happy hour**, i was answering some questions about my book.

in our company that night was a gal who repairs instruments, which, i think, is fascinating. she doesn't repair stringed instruments, so her current beau, a ukelele player, is out of luck if one of his axes--or, in this case you would say, hatchet--goes down.

"instruments are HARD to draw. the hardest instrument to draw," i said, "was the trumpet, tubes running every which way. my favorite instruments to draw were the violin and the bass violin. i love the pegs and shape of the heads."

the hardest THING to draw, i said, were the strings on the stringed instruments.

"why don't you use a ruler?" said the ukelele player.

...yeah. that is a great idea.

the ukelele player

his other videos are awesome too.

*Blinding Flash of the Obvious
**FOUR people ate all they could eat and drink for $60 dollars, ya'll, and it was GREAT. if you're going, don't go on First Thursday. the line starts at the door at 5:30 and they let you in at 6:00. "last call" is 6:45.

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Jason Chalker said...

I really like that video. BTW- Using a ruler takes all the challenge and fun out of it. At least that's what you can tell yourself. ;)