Friday, August 17, 2007

mr. bluebird's on my shoulder.

stick a fork in me baby birds,* 'cause if you didn't know, the book is finished.

after four months of no friends no fun no movies no nothing, the hi-rez files have been put on disk and are in the (not so) trusted hands of UPS on their way to NYC.

how do i feel? let me sleep this weekend and i'll tell you...

i feel awesome! she's done. she's out of here! now i move on to other stuff and try not to think about it. ...spring 08 will be here soon enough. (but not soon enough.)

there's a giant list of stuff to do. a show (or two) in september. two shows in october. websites to update ( is getting a complete facelift). has to be created from the ground up. the list goes on and on.

after kicking it with m@ for a while tonight, and listening to his wisdom, though, i am going to take it easy. breath a little. go to bed early. bask in this moment. it's not everyday your dreams come true. in times like these you need to stop and just sit in it a while. kick up my feet and go, "yeah. this will work." (i know, i know. YOU told me to take stock of the moment too. so i'll take it.)

viva la animal band!

*i don't know what that means either.

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