Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Animal Band: the hunt was on

Animal Band was not as easy to find as advertised. different stores stock at different times. everyone who looked for it, found it. though it was easier for some than others.

the first book was found by my buddy Mitch on Saturday night at Vroman's, in their "hot off the press" section--it's an independent bookstore in Pasadena.

another was picked up at Book People in Austin.

an email came in from San Antonio, "all of the Barnes and Nobles have it here." five were purchased. (my aunt. she's proud. "The checkout person at B&N noticed I had the same last name---I was so proud, and he was very impressed!")

in NYC (the Big Apple, thanks Jensen) two girls combed the streets. there were rumors of a riot, a scene, and incarceration. (don't you believe it.)

in Fort Worth AB was tough to find, the first B&N not carrying it, the second had copies, but they were "special request reserves." a third store had them on hand.

in Seattle the hunt was undertaken by Girl Friday. with her usual aplomb, she secured it.

this young man the first photographic evidence of the book in a B&N.

i'm stooooooked

thanks to everyone who called, or emailed.

thanks to the well wishers and the celebrants.

it was a great day.

i am the luckiest boy in the world to have such great pals.


alicia said...

Animal Band was very easy to find for me. I had to make a stop for some last minute supplies at Michaels, which was very opportune chance to pick up my copy at B&N, where it was displayed on the top shelf of the picture book wall (amongst other awesome picture books, including Caldecott winners! Ooooh! Ahhhh!).

It's totally awesome. I love the dedication, and I love that Rock is a character in it (I didn't realize that with all the promo stuff). I remember you telling me about him before, so I was all, "Awww! Rock!"

Kudos again, my man. You have a national Animal band search posse going on. That is really cool. : )

Evan said...

Animal Band is the best book about musical animals ever. EVER. It may also be the best book about a band ever.