Sunday, March 2, 2008

Super Tuesday

Order it today at Barnes & Noble. (Also available on Amazon.)

March 12th Wednesday, Book People, 10:30 am, Austin
See Book People Details
March 29th Saturday, Barnes and Noble (10000 Research Blvd), 11:00 am, Austin

for those promised bookmarks, they will be on their way. we're encountering technical difficulties. we should have it cleared up soon.

my sincerest to my Austin peeps and all the goodness that was Staple this past weekend. i was playing shut-in this weekend.
i missed you guys.

keep it real.

1 comment:

alicia said...

Holy crap! It's time already?

The sad thing is, all news of the launching of your book will be overshadowed by the Clinton/Obama battle for Texas coverage. Crappers! Clearly this is the more deserving news item of the week, but you know 'the media.'

I hope to make it to the 12th book signing. I'll have to wrangle up some friends with kids to partake.