Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another Animal Band Reading & Signing This Weekend!

It's that time again!

Time for another reading of Animal Band with me, the author and illustrator, Christopher S. Jennings.

The Where
Barnes and Noble at the Arboretum

The When
Saturday, March 29th, 11 AM

The Who
Me! In a NEW fez and Joey Santori, maestro of the percussion and all things exotic instrumenty.

See the event and location! "Various!" Yes!*

* They tell me they've done some outreach to the schools for my event. All of that B&N's events are "Various" online.


Sherrie Kendall said...

So our friends, CV and Stacy Hartline, recently gifted our children with your wonderfully written and illustrated "Animal Band" after they attended your reading in Austin. I read it to my kids on our car ride home. They were banging their seats and anything within reach, making the kind of joyful music and boisterous laughter every author would love to hear in response to a reading of their book. Thank you! for sharing your talent with us! -The Kendall's (Portland, OR)

c.g.young said...

Thanks a bunch for the wonderful reading on Saturday! What fun, and what a great little book you have imagined. It has become part of my daughter's nightly routine, and something that she enjoys very much.

Thank You for sharing.