Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Incredible Rockhead!!!

Most of what I do is wrapped up in NDA's.*

It means I don't get to tell anyone what I am working on.

"What are you doing?"

"Illustrating a graphic novel."

"Oh yeah?"

"I can't tell you about it."**

The newest has hit (online stores), so now I get to share.

Little ditty called "The Incredible Rockhead."

It's for Stone Arch Books, which falls under Capstone Publishing.

Like I said, it's a graphic novel. If you don't know what a graphic novel is, it's a long comic book. This one is written for the grade school set (grades 1-3).

I drew this one, didn't write it. The writing was done by the brilliant Scott Nickel. Bob Lentz—the art director—designed the book and it is out of this world (I wish I'd had such cool stuff to look at when I was a kid). He worked to dial in an old school, Golden Age kind of look. Also, it's available in hard cover (paperback is on the way, I've been told.)

Enough talk. Time for drawings.

Here's the character line up:

Here's my favorite panel from the book:

And here's the cover as a teensy-tiny image (it's the biggest size I can find):

I had a great time on the book. Learned a lot. We're already rolling on the second. (It's even better.)

*Non Disclosure Agreement
**All together now—"I'd have to kill you."

Read more about the characters here.

You should buy the book. Go here.

Stone Arch Book's page on the book here.

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